Monday, September 03, 2007

Wow! It's been a while!

I can't believe my last post was August 13th! That's ages ago! I guess I haven't had a lot to report. Just plugging along with my eating and trying to exercise enough. As you will probably have guessed I have kind of lost my mojo a bit and the end of my 12 week program has come and gone but I have been maintaining my weight since then. Not on purpose- but I am glad I haven't put any back on.

I really want to lose 10 kilos by christmas- that's about four months away and if I am going to do it I need to get serious again! My MIL wants to change her lifestyle and is using me as a bit of a counsellor and moral support and I have been finding myself giving her advice that I know I should be taking on board for myself. I'm struggling to say on track with food and I need to get out and exercise more. John's really busy at the moment and hasn't been able to look after Molly while I go to the gym. There is a creche there but I have been nervous about leaving her there with the bad flu that has been going around. Once that passes I'll feel better about it again. The weather has been great and I have been getting out for walks quite a bit which has been lovely. I have been sunburnt twice already! Whoops!

My aunty and I have found a new happy place- The Collingwood Children's farm... if you get a chance, go there! Becky, next time you're in town with Bradman we're going there! It's so peaceful yet all the workers are busily tending the animals and plants. We watched a cow being milked and all of the sheep had been lambing in the last week. CUUTE! I am going to volunteer one day a week as I have been wanting to learn more about veggie gardening and they have a horticulture person there who teaches the volunteers. My aunty is going to look after Molly.

What else?... I smashed my toe yesterday on the leg of the bed at mum's place and it has gone all black and yukky. I haven't been able to wear a shoe on my right foot today. I think it might be broken. Oh well- not much you can do about a broken toe! Ouch!

Happy father's day to all the daddy's out there!

That'll do from me today!



My life,My Journey said...

hello! I have been checking to see if you had finished your challenge yet! At least you are maintaining,that's fantastic. I completed my challenge last November and I have maintained which is great after all the hard work.That farm sounds wonderful, and a nice place to volunteer. Hope you have a nice week.
Ali xo

Phil said...

Oh, the Collingwood Children's Farm - I loved that place. I used to take Snowball (my bike) along the bike path that goes right through it on my training rides for triathlon. Doesn't it make you feel like you're out in the country somewhere, even though you're 15 minutes from Melbourne's CBD? Happy times....

Yay for you being back, I've missed your posts. Can't wait to see you and Molly again when I'm back for a visit in November. I'll be in touch about dates soon!

Love you, miss you


Miss Beck said...

WOW! I'd love to go there with you and the bubbies would love it too.

As far as gym goes, you know that putting molly in a pusher and getting some serious walking in would do you and her the world of good. Start little til you have your mojo back!


Cassie said...

oh that brings back memories- my nan lives around the corner and as kids on school holidays we would always go to the Collingwood Children's Farm.. :)

I thought it had closed down

happy days!! take pics next time you're there pls!!