Saturday, July 28, 2007

STOPPPPP!!! AAARGH!!! Get back on track!!!

I have had a BAD week!!

I need to get back on track this week... only 3 weeks left of my training package and I need to make the most of it!

SO! What am I going to do this week??? Eat clean and train hard!

I am calling the gym creche on Monday morning to book Molly in for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings so I can do upper body, cardio and then Lower body... Then I have Personal training on thursday night and all I will have to do is another couple of cardio sessions and I'll be swwweeeet!!

OK. Bad week over- got some chocolate eating out of my system... feel better now.

NOW! I'm bored! Ask me anything and I'll answer honestly! Go on!! Come on lurkers- time to surface!



Happy Birthday John Boy!

John was 26 on the 26th... haha

Just a short post just for John to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!

Love you lots and lots.



Saturday, July 21, 2007

Selfish and materialistic post ahead...

Things I REALLY want but can't justify spending money on...

A Pink Ipod. I think I'm the last blogger not to have one. (My husband is very proud of me for this... he'd still have a gramophone if he could). I have a little mp3 player which never gets used *blush*... But you can't get an arm band for my little one... and it's black not pink.. haha.. lame I know! I'd love to download some of those workout podcasts I have heard other people talking about.

A Polar sports watch... Since I've been getting fit and healthy (about 4 years now) I have wanted one of these. For those who don't know, they count how many calories you've burned and takes your heartrate etc. Basically they are very posh and whiz bang and I'd LOVE one!!

A bike. I used to have one when I was a kid. It was bright pink and I got rid of it before we moved house. I love spin class so I imagine I'd love cycling outside where there's something other than a pulsating, girating gym instructor to look at. I'd also love one of those little kid-trailors to tow Molly along in. I love walking/jogging along the beach from StKilda to Brighton and I'd love to ride along there.

A super cute, bautifully styled hair cut and colour- something like this would be nice with some blonde highlights for a bit of a change but not as blonde as this. I get my hair cut at Just Cuts at the moment and although cheap and usually good, you don't get the salon experience... I want someone to bring me a latte and chocolates while I wait for the colour to process- at Just Cuts you are in and out within 15 mins... It's all about the experience!

A pamper session. I haven't shaved my legs since Molly was born so I'd love to go and get a full grease and oil change and a wheel alignment thrown in just for fun! Ahhh... massage and facial- HEAVEN! But it aint gonna happen any time soon.... Why am I torturing myself with this stuff??

Haha. That'll do for now. Enough with the "I wish's".



Friday, July 20, 2007

Just right...

I have just been reading Catie's blog and something she said really resonated with me. She wrote about always striving to be boyishly thin all her life and recently coming to the realisation that being naturally curvy may not be such a bad thing. I mean, look at the girls in the pic above. All look gorgeously healthy but none look like the size zero models and actresses that monopolise all forms of media right now. They are not overweight or underweight- just right. That's what I want to be. I want to be just right for my body type which is naturally curvy.



Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 7 recap...

My most favouritist bestest picture at the moment...
I've had a much better week this week although I was certain I was going to put on weight as I didn't feel any lighter (dumb I know!) and I sms'd Kerryn a bit stressed out that I didn't get all my (4 sessions of) cardio in. Kerryn gave me a pep talk and I managed to cram in a big walk yesterday afternoon to try and make up for my lack of cardio during the week.

I was pleased to see 86.6 on the scale this morning- a 600g loss from last week. Not too bad- at least it's enough to motivate me through the next week.

I'm at the hard point in this challenge where I see the end coming too quickly and I feel like I am not going to achieve all the things I hoped to achieve in the 12 weeks. Kerryn reminded me that I CAN do it and I just need to knuckle down and power through the next few weeks. I'd like to lose another 4-5 kilos before the end of the 12 weeks. I forgot how hard it gets to move the numbers down on the scales once you start building muscle. I know I am sculpting a magnificent masterpiece (if I do say so myself) under a layer of fat but I just have to get this fat outta here before we'll be able to see the beautifully sculpted muscles I've been working so hard on. I can FEEL a difference but am having trouble seeing anything just yet. I know I am smaller- fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans again, and I am stronger (I've gone from using 2.5kg dumbells to 5kg ones for some of my upper body workout and from a 10kg to a 20kg barbell for my benchpress) but I just don't have the shape yet.

I was watching this buff lady working out in the gym yesterday and I had to stand back and say WOW! As I know what hard work she must put in to get her body to look that good. It's all about dedication- I bet she eats clean and works out to a strict schedule. That's what I am going to do to get me through these last few weeks (and beyond of course!). I felt like going up and congratulating that woman for how fit she looks but I thought it's be a bit weird...ME: "hey there! You're hot!!"...BUFF LADY: "um.. do I know you??"

Anyway... Better go!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Week 6 recap...

This week has been a bit of a downer.. not sure why. I didn't eat that badly but not that well either. Put on 500g but did 2 hard weights sessions and feel I have built some muscle.

Just for interests sake, here is the comparison between my week 1 and week 5 photos...

I can see a big difference between the side and back shots.
Hope you're all having a nice day!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Quick post...

Weigh in: 86.7kg!!

That's a loss of 1.8kg this week!!!

Go me!