Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Going great guns...

I have been pretty quiet recently so I thought it was time for an update...


I'm feeling great. Had a few weeks of blah with poor food choices and not much exercise but have since picked up again with the looming 4km fun run and triathlon pink helping me to keep motivated. I am eating very well right now as I know that everything I put into my body will affect how well I am able to cope with training and the events. I have been training four times a week alternating swimming, cycling, jogging and walking. I know I should be doing some weights but I just don't have the time and I'm trying to concentrate on building my cardio fitness again. Not sure if I mentioned that I lost 9kg during my 12 week challenge- then put on 2 and lost them again *lol*... If anyone wants to do some tri training with me please let me know as I'd love some company.


My dear family are doing well. John's out playing a gig at the Espy right now- very late for a school night! Dear dear! He has also moved his recording studio (Cherrystone) to a new spot in Parkville. Very noice! Molly is now 9 months old and getting cuter by the day! She is now crawling and pulling herself up on furniture and beginning to walk along the couch. She's also able to do a few signs "drink" being her favourite, and is saying mumma, dadda, bubba, and calls my mum's dog Buffy by yelling out "Buuuupi!" She also waves and says "buh bye" and "ta ta" and puts both fists in the air when we say "superman!".... Clever little cherub!

On the home front:

We are moving house toward the end of the year. Very excited as we will be moving in with my best friend (John's sis) and her hubby and little boy in Footscray- trying out living in intentional community. I have a lot I could say about this but wont start here as I'll never stop writing. If you are interested in hearing more about it please email me. We will be part of a house church living out Micah 6:8 "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God"... Definately our style... and we'll be very active in community life (including a community garden yay!). We feel we have come to the end of our time here caring for our housemate (he has a disability and we live here rent free in exchange for us acting as live in carers)- there is only so long you can do a job like that for and we feel we need our own space and more room for Molly.

That'll do for now!

Brief I know, but that's about all that's been going on!

Here's some photos for you all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freaking out!!

Just registered for the Spring into life 4km fun run in October and Triathlon Pink in November!!! AAAARRRGH!!!

Need to start training! What a way to get me motivated!!

Anyone have a bike I can borrow??!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Photo post...

Molly having fun with her great-poppy

Nearly crawling... She drags herself around on her belly using one arm and one leg. Looks like an injured soldier!

A kiss from Grandad's dog Missy

Aren't dogs the funniest!!?

Cute eyes for daddy
More cute eyes from the car seat
Just ate a WHOLE big banana for lunch at the Collingwood Children's farm farmers market.. Her hair looks very ginger in this pic

Guess whose learned to point!?

And again...

Fun on Great Nan and Pop's lawn... gotta love trainers and a hoodie!


Comic Relief...

Check this out... I tried to post it straight to my blog but it wouldn't let me. It's very funny- go have a look!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Wow! It's been a while!

I can't believe my last post was August 13th! That's ages ago! I guess I haven't had a lot to report. Just plugging along with my eating and trying to exercise enough. As you will probably have guessed I have kind of lost my mojo a bit and the end of my 12 week program has come and gone but I have been maintaining my weight since then. Not on purpose- but I am glad I haven't put any back on.

I really want to lose 10 kilos by christmas- that's about four months away and if I am going to do it I need to get serious again! My MIL wants to change her lifestyle and is using me as a bit of a counsellor and moral support and I have been finding myself giving her advice that I know I should be taking on board for myself. I'm struggling to say on track with food and I need to get out and exercise more. John's really busy at the moment and hasn't been able to look after Molly while I go to the gym. There is a creche there but I have been nervous about leaving her there with the bad flu that has been going around. Once that passes I'll feel better about it again. The weather has been great and I have been getting out for walks quite a bit which has been lovely. I have been sunburnt twice already! Whoops!

My aunty and I have found a new happy place- The Collingwood Children's farm... if you get a chance, go there! Becky, next time you're in town with Bradman we're going there! It's so peaceful yet all the workers are busily tending the animals and plants. We watched a cow being milked and all of the sheep had been lambing in the last week. CUUTE! I am going to volunteer one day a week as I have been wanting to learn more about veggie gardening and they have a horticulture person there who teaches the volunteers. My aunty is going to look after Molly.

What else?... I smashed my toe yesterday on the leg of the bed at mum's place and it has gone all black and yukky. I haven't been able to wear a shoe on my right foot today. I think it might be broken. Oh well- not much you can do about a broken toe! Ouch!

Happy father's day to all the daddy's out there!

That'll do from me today!