Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh baby baby...

My little girl is skinny.... a bouncy, bubbly, chattery active baby who loves mum's milk, avocado, apple, pear, mashed pumpkin, natural yoghurt and just about anything she is offered... but she's still skinny. Too skinny apparently- according to the health nurse. :(

She has dropped from the 90th percentile to the 10th on her growth curve chart. She has grown in length and head circumferance but just not enough.

I did notice other babies seemed chubbier than her but I have just been putting it down to her being so active and naturally lean.

I feel ok about this but know I need to work on fattening her up. I have been advised to start her on dairy products, ground/shredded meat and to put some olive oil in with some of her food to boost the fat content.

Hmm... hope it works!

Other than that, she is doing very well- the health nurse thought she was particularly cute.. That's really something! Coming from a woman who sees thousands of babies!

Better go and do lower body weights...
In case anyone's interested here's my progress for the week so far and plan for the rest of the week.

Mon: Body attack class (apparently the hardest Les Mills class- go me!) and upper body weights
Tues: 20 mins cardio, yoga and walking around for 2 hours with Molly in the sling
Wed: Rest day
Thurs: Lower body weights
Fri: Upper body weights, 30 mins cardio or a class
Sat: 30 mins cardio or a class
Sun: Rest day

And here's a sample of a days eating at the moment:
B. Porridge with 100% whey protein powder and a dash of skim milk
S. Yoghurt or fruit with some protein
L. Lean chicken or fish with veggies and rice
S. Fruit or yoghurt with protein
D. Veggie soup with beef or chicken and 2 slices of burgen soy lin with a drissle of olive oil or some natural peanut butter
S. Fruit


Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 4 recap...

Well! Here we are at the beginning of another week!

Sorry to all the girls who attended for piking out on another blogger catch-up! I hope you all had a fantastic time bowling.
This week has been good on the training front- not teriffic but good... I have eaten very well and did more exercise than last week but I have stll felt a bit blahhhh.... I think it's because the house is a bit of a mess and I can't get on top of the laundry. Oh well- I did get into the gym to do yoga and cycle and feel my cardio fitness has improved a lot.

My weight stayed the same this week but I feel a bit bloated and haven't had enough water so I'll make sure I have plenty this week and see what happens. My body fat has dropped 1% this week so maybe I've built some muscle too.

Here's some piccies of little miss cuteness and her cuzz..



Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 3 recap...

Isn't it funny how when you begin some new health and fitness task/challenge/program the first couple of weeks are so exciting and you feel so motivated and then it comes to week three or four and you wonder how you ever had the energy to continue what you have been doing?!

That was me last week. It didn't take much to throw me off kilter- one sleepless night with Molly. The poor little darlin' vomited all Wednesday night which meant I didn't get any shuteye and consequently had a tired and lethargic week. I only did 2 weights sessions and one brisk walk. (Molly is fine now btw)

One good thing was that I still stuck to my eating plan like glue and managed to lose another kilogram. So I'm 88.5kg now.

Joined Fitness First last night as Contours really isn't doing it for me so this week I will go back to my good ole group classes and treadmills. How I have missed them *lol*!!

Ok.. better be off- going to try and talk my way out of paying a giant exit fee (don't think I'll have much luck!!)


Monday, June 11, 2007

Week 2 roundup!

Molly tries avocado.... more please mum!

After 2.7kgs lost last week (nearly 6lbs) I wasn't expecting much as I am weight training and figured I might have gained more muscle than the fat I lost however I was pleasantly surprised to see 89.5kg flash up on my scale this morning- a loss of 1 kg! (2lbs).

I'm an 80s girl again! Yaaaaay!

I am pretty sore from the combination of my weights and pushing Molly everywhere in the pram. I think I'll find a local yoga class to do on saturdays to stretch the kinks out.

I have started having a yummy treat for my arvo snack... an eggwhite pancake with 1 tbs natural peanut butter... yum! I had been forgetting to eat my portion of good fat this week so have been having this snack.

That's it for now...



Monday, June 04, 2007

Week 1 round-up...

I am so stoked about my result for this week. I have worked really hard doing 3 weights sessions and 4 cardio sessions and I have not let one thing pass my lips that shouldn't have. So I guess I deserve my 2.7kg loss!!

That brings my weight down to 90.5kgs- SO close to the 80s! Hope I get some 80s action next week!

For those who asked for recipes, I haven't forgotten you- I'll pop some up when I have a chance this week. Not much to report today except that I did upper body weights and a 40 min brisk walk.. My plan of action this week is to go for another walk tomorrow, do lower body wednesday, some kind of cardio thursday, and upper body and cardio on Friday.

Kek's tips to remember this week...
- when walking remember to keep asking myself "am I walking as fast as I can go?"
- eat on a small plate to make my portions look bigger

John's just making dinner... I appreciate it, but it always takes him soooo long to cook! Hopefully it will be ready soon as I am STARVING!!! My afternoon snack was a boiled egg and an apple at 4pm so I am well and truely ready for some tucker! He's making baked herbed chicken breast with roasted pumpkin, parsnip and carrot. YUMMY!

Better go and watch some quality television and get Molly ready for beddy-byes.

See ya!