Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday morning...

Baby is down for her morning sleep,

Drinking cranberry and elderflower tea,

Still in my big red pj pants,

Feeling cruisy.

Dishes and laundry to do,

They can wait- no need to rush,

Taking time to just be,

Sitting in the morning sun.

Love it!


Lil said...

What a nice way to spend Monday morning! Enjoy :)
Lil x

Kate said...

Awww that sounds so lovely!

Anonymous said...

You make me want to take maternity leave!

Might have ot have babies forst though : P

Miss Beck said...

That put the biggest smile on my dial. I hope you had a really spectacularly relaxing day.


Phil said...

Good for you Ash :) xoxoxo

chocolate or the dress said...

Lovely picture and poem!

Kate said...

I thought you were off to do a video blog?! ;)