Thursday, October 11, 2007

October calorie burning challenge!

At The Healthy Body Club we have a challenge going to burn a target amount of calories (set by self) by the end of October. I set myself 8000 cals and boy is it proving to be a challenge however it is helping me get into good training habits for the triathlon!!

Last week I did:
1 x spin class 689
2 x 60 min swim sessions 1745
1 x 30 min brisk walk 184
1 x 20 min vigorous upper body weights 184
Total: 2802
8000-2802 = only 5198 to go!!

This week has not been quite so full on but here is the progress and plans...
Thursday: 1 x 30 min moderate walk 152

Today: 1 x spin class 689 and lower body weights 184
Friday: Early morning 60 min swim fast/slow intervals 437
Sat: rest
Sun: 4 km fun run 367 (??)
Total: 1829

Would anyone like to set a target for themselves to reach before the end of October??

I went to see Becky on Singing Bee the other night- we had a blast but I can't divulge any details until the episode airs.. sorry!!

I have been sent a Body for Life pack with some inspirational DVDs and am feeling another burst of weight training enthusiasm coming! Planning to get back into serious weight training after the triathlon as I am focusing on building my cardiovascular fitness right now. I know that the only way I am going to get lasting results in my body shape is to train with weights.. I have done it before with a lot of success and I'll do it again!!

Congrats to N and N on the safe arrival of their new baby daughter Miya. She's absolutely gorgeous!

Okay, that's enough from me!



Yummy Mummy said...

Goodluck with your challenge!!! That sounds doable but challengeing at the same time!! Do you have HRM or are you using guidelines given???

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea, setting a calories for the month - and you are up there already.

Anonymous said...

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